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Biddy Connor

Biddy Connor

Our latest inductee into the Fan Club is our very first musician - the super talented, Biddy Connor. Aside from playing the viola, Biddy’s many talents also include being a composer, arranger and vocalist.  She’s performed with a swag of Aussie dreamboats, such as Laura Jean, Missy Higgins, Tim Finn, Jen Cloher, Darren Sylvester, and is currently performing in The Letter String Quartet, who have been presenting concerts at the Melbourne Recital Centre in 2016. Biddy has just been announced as a finalist for the 2016 Melbourne Music Prize, Outstanding Musicians Award.

Hell, she evens plays a musical saw. That’s right - a wood-cutting, lumberjacking, real-life saw. How very metal for a violist.

Biddy recently took us through 10 things that inspire her, which as it turns out, are as eclectic & interesting as her impressive body of work is. 

1. Bath
This Bath has saved my sanity this year.

2. A Fifth of Beethoven
This is part of a larger collection of different music boxes. It is a flask. So when you lift it to pour it plays exactly what you expect. I have a couple of other musical flasks with different tunes. I always wonder how a picnic or dinner party with one of these would go – you only hear the music when you’re pouring your drinks – then – silence.

3. DAG
Katherine, one of my oldest friends, gave me these metal letters some years ago. Katherine is English but her mum grew up in Australia and knew my dad at Uni. I can’t remember where these letters came from but I know she loves the Australian slang.

4. Fishing Man
I have been carrying this photo around for about twenty years. I don’t know where it was taken or anything about it. Just that it belonged to my dad and I love the image. It makes me think of the David Lynch quote, “Ideas are like fish. If you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper. Down deep, the fish are more powerful and more pure.They’re huge and abstract. And they’re very beautiful.”

Also, I love the shape of this fishing man’s body.

 5. Inside the Pianola
Those little holes get the piano to play music - amazing! 

6. Liz Racz
The painter of this beautiful picture is Melbournian Liz Racz who now lives in France. In 2003 we had studios next door to one another. I always have the best conversations with Liz about music, she gets to listen to it while she paints and often she hears more than me.

7. Sleater Kinney Horse
Another thing I’ve been carrying around for ages. My friend James was playing at the Big Day Out and so were Sleater Kinney. He got me Janet Weiss’ autograph on this toy horse. Apparently it was the only thing around to write on.

8. Willow Pattern
Bits of my Willow Pattern collection: because one day I will be an old Biddy.

9. Oven
As well as bathing this is the year of trying to master the home made pizza base.

10. Lady Marmalade & Tiger
I know it’s daggy (refer to photo 3) but I named my violas Lady Marmalade and Tiger.  Lady Marmalade was my first viola, she cost about $100 but she means a lot more than that to me.

Check out Biddy's work on her website, or via The Letter String Quartet's site

Biddy was inducted to the Fan Club by Oslo Davis (read Oslo's entry here). Incidentally, Biddy & Oslo collaborated together on the Melbhattan project. Stay tuned to see who Biddy selects for the next episode of Fan Club Journal.

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